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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Nice little mention of the app in the Red Eye section of the Chicago Trib today:


A few days ago when I was gloating in all of the 5-star reviews DS has received (ego? Nope, no ego here…:-) Pleased to see that people were enjoying my handiwork…I came across a very rude and nasty 1-star review.

I have been tipped off that the reviewer apparently has a vested interest in a competitive product. He has been reported to Apple so I hope it will eventually be pulled. In the meantime, I’d love a few extra reviews (good ones I assume) to counteract that bad one.

I have submitted the first bug fix release, 1.0.1, to Apple and it is currently in review.

This will fix the aiming bug for the North button and some typos.

Thanks to those who have purchased my “late night way to ignore all of my friends and prove my geek cred.” If you really like the app, please make sure to leave a review on iTunes.

Then tell all of your friends.

Then have a beer.

And go to and rate DS there with a “fresh point.”

Oh, and check out Life on Mars on ABC. Great show.

Some personal horn-tooting going on here. DS was selected as a Staff Favorite for the Appstore, and is now being promoted on the front page of iTunes.

Thanks “staff”!