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I have submitted the first bug fix release, 1.0.1, to Apple and it is currently in review.

This will fix the aiming bug for the North button and some typos.



  1. Yup. It’s the case of “gee it worked fine in the simulator….”

    A fix should go out shortly.

  2. I just purchased DS for iPhone 2g with 2.2 firmware. When selecting info from the objects, planets or constallations pages the app crashes and takes me back to Springboard. Any thoughts? Very Annoying.

  3. I just got a response from the dev board and someone said he had the same thing with another app and he fixed it by deleting it and reinstall it. Perhaps it is a corrupted installation.

  4. Never got your reply. Thanks for being persistent and using the blog here.

    It sounds like everything is the same on your device as mine, so I honestly don’t know what the problem could be. I’ll post something on the dev boards and see if anyone has an answer.

    1.0.1 should be up by tomorrow. So give that a shot and let me know if that magically works. Otherwise you can just get a refund from the Appstore.

  5. Distant Suns crashes on my iPod. I sent you an email and you replied. but all mail i’ve sent to either the tech_support or your email is being bounced by your spam filter.

    iPod isn’t hacked
    version 2.1(5F137)

  6. the app crashes on my iPod touch. I launch it and it asks me to standby. it then goes back to the icon display. this is with version 1 but i doubt that this is an aiming bug for the North button or a typo.

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