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Monthly Archives: January 2009

My bad. Some folks have probably been wondering “what the deal with this ‘event alert’ toolbar? I can’t get rid of it!”. Yup. Bug. Guilty. I was just informed that if you dismiss it, then go to any other window and return to the main window the toolbar pops back up. That will be fixed in a few days when 1.2.1 gets released along with some more minor issues such as the moon will now properly eclipse the sun, instead of the other way around. Duh.


Apple just sent me the acceptance email, that DS 1.2 was just pushed to the store. You should be receiving notification soon about it. The major changes include an “event alert” system that will give you a heads up on any upcoming astronomical events or major new discoveries. You can now set the date/time, and use the “clock bar” to quickly accelerate time to observe the planetary motions. Planets now work with Point and Identify mode, and Messier objects have their common names. Tell your friends!
Onward to 1.3.

Any DS users may AIM me with questions about the app or astronomy in general. And if I am around and not too busy adding new stuff I might actually answer! AIM Handle: lazyastronomer