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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Just an interesting photo. Can’t see much, except for the doofus in the foreground. The DitF is me holding up my iPod with Grand Tour displaying the Galilean moons. In the background is Mr. G himself. Galileo’s crypt. Right under the sculpture is a little black marble adornment…with Jupiter and her moons. (This is as close as we were allowed to get. Pity.) The photo was taken at the beginning of this April. Galileo was unavailable for comment.


Me and my 'bud' Galileo

Me and my 'bud' Galileo


A number of users of the free Distant Suns-Lite application have asked what the difference was between that and the paid version. The biggest is simply that the paid version will let you set the date/time, whereas DS-Lite only shows the sky for the current time. The paid app also has a number of navigation accelerators, more data, clock acceleration to study the motions of the planets, and a number of other smaller tweaks. Also, DS-Lite will stay as is, save for any bug fixes. Whereas Distant Suns will continue along a path of regular upgrades. That said, if you have DS-Lite and it serves all of your needs, great! But if you want a richer experience than pick up the other one. After-all it’s not THAT expensive. And you’ll feel better afterwards.