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Monthly Archives: June 2009

IMG_1337_1_1 Ever wondered what would happen if an iPhone and a wildly spinning propeller came together? Something that is really really funny providing it isn’t your phone.

This photo was taken at the local iFly indoor skydiving center. Using a vertical wind-tunnel they give average joes like you or me, a taste of what sky diving is like. Customers are highly encouraged to empty out their pockets before they step into a 130 mph vertical stream of WHOOSH. Interestingly enough, this belonged to a friend of one of the employees. “Ah, Jim, I’m yer buddy. Surely you’re gonna let me take my phone in with me so I can call my girlfriend and have her guess where I am?”

Needless to say, it didn’t “keep on ticking”.

(Sorry for the off topic post, but it’s a great photo)


DS 1.3 was just pushed out to iTunes only 17 days after submission. (!) 1.0 had to wait only about 20 hours. Meh.

I just pushed an update to Grand Tour to the Apple holding pen. It’s been almost two weeks since the DS updates were submitted, with nothing yet. Sheesh.

GT 1.1 includes a flashing thingie on the Earth where you’re located, the option to strip away the clouds on Venus, and squashing effect on Jupiter and Saturn.

So DS 1.3 can be unleashed. Been 9 days now, when the previous longest wait was only 5. Sheesh.

If anyone is really inclined, I have created a new twitter account under the name “Lazyastronomer” (astronomy from your jacuzzi).

Grand Tour just got a nice review on The App Podcast. Unfortunately, while the reviewer really liked the app, he only showed the 3 dullest objects in the database: Mercury, Venus and Oberon. No Saturn, Jupiter or Io, all WOW! Objects. Oh well. You can see the review here.

Well, I handed DS 1.3 off to Apple a couple of nights ago. Now The Great Wait begins. I hear that recently the waits have been about 7 days. So maybe by next Weds or Thursday this thing can go out. It includes slew mode that smoothly animates the changing viewpoints, instead of just jumping from one object to another. It also has searchable list of the named stars, a cleaner UI and a monthly highlight calendar.