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I just pushed an update to Grand Tour to the Apple holding pen. It’s been almost two weeks since the DS updates were submitted, with nothing yet. Sheesh.

GT 1.1 includes a flashing thingie on the Earth where you’re located, the option to strip away the clouds on Venus, and squashing effect on Jupiter and Saturn.



  1. Thanks Justin, 1.1 isn’t the last version of Grand Tour, so be patient. I think you’ll like what’s coming off the assembly line. For your immediate issue, you can fake an earth based view by merely going to Jupiter, and double-tap repeatedly on the lower half of the screen. Each tap will double your distance away from Jupiter. At some point the moons will come into view. Make sure you are in front of the planet, and you’ll have a representation of the earth based view.

  2. I have both Distant Suns and Grand Tour and use them with iPhone 3G 3.0 firmware. I have been a long time amateur astronomer and have both a Questar 3.5 that I purchased in 1979, and a Celestron 8i that I purchased in 2007.

    I think both programs are great programs and have written a review for Distant Suns. There are two features that would be nice to have for Grand Tour. One is just a quick view from Earth of the Galilean moons around Jupiter. Watching these dance from night to night and hour to hour is a great binocular activity. Another feature that might exist, but I can’t find it, is to just have a contemporaneus view of the solar system from above with the possibility of putting it into motion. This is a feature that I alwasy use with Starry Night Pro on my notebook.

    Thanks for creating and supporting such great programs.


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