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IMG_1337_1_1 Ever wondered what would happen if an iPhone and a wildly spinning propeller came together? Something that is really really funny providing it isn’t your phone.

This photo was taken at the local iFly indoor skydiving center. Using a vertical wind-tunnel they give average joes like you or me, a taste of what sky diving is like. Customers are highly encouraged to empty out their pockets before they step into a 130 mph vertical stream of WHOOSH. Interestingly enough, this belonged to a friend of one of the employees. “Ah, Jim, I’m yer buddy. Surely you’re gonna let me take my phone in with me so I can call my girlfriend and have her guess where I am?”

Needless to say, it didn’t “keep on ticking”.

(Sorry for the off topic post, but it’s a great photo)


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