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I just got a couple of reports that the new 1.3.1 is crashing on startup. I tested it on at least 5 different devices and OS 2.2.1/OS 3.0, and Apple screens it as well. If anyone has a working version, please let me know and what device/OS combination.


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  1. Ok I drug out both our telescopes and figured I would look for an app that would help to align both telescopes and verify the go to function by using the DS app. I downloaded the lite version which worked fine at first then I would launch the app and it would start loading then sit there trying to load for maybe 20 seconds or more then dump me back at the iPhone home screen, I then paid for the full version and paid for it in the app store and same problem so I deleted the lite version and the full version worked a couple times so I deleted downloaded and installed again and same problem I then did the delete and re-installed several more times and problem remains so now I can try a lot of times to launch the app and sometimes after 20 or 30 times it’ll load and work but for the most part it just sits there trying to load then crashes and dumps me back at the home screen so hopefully the bugs will get fixed soon before it starts getting to cold at night to go out and use the application along with both our telescopes?? Well let’s hope anyway??

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