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Update: Aug. 11:

I bugged Apple again last night for an expedited review of 1.3.2 and finally got a real honest-to-goodness hominid responding saying they did so. Trouble is, they pushed the WRONG application, Distant Suns-Lite, which does work fine on pre-OS 3.0 machines.

Grrr. No. Double-grr.

Update: Aug. 2:

Alert: Distant Suns 1.3.1 has been listed again in the Appstore but it will only work on 3.0 and above devices. 1.3.2 will work for pre-OS 3.0 thingies once it’s review and approval by Apple.

Sorry guys for the DS 1.3.1 issues. The problem was a really subtle one when going from OS 2.2.1, to an OS 3.0 build. It never showed up until the app was set free by Apple.

This problem has apparently hit a number of packages, and it is only worse considering how long now Apple takes to go over the apps.

In theory there’s a way to get Apple to expedite a review. In the “good ol’ days” (6 months ago), a review could easily be only a day or two. Now it’s up to about 2 weeks. But hopefully I have polished the art-of-the-grovel enough to get them to move quickly. Unfortunately there is no “rollback” system in the Appstore that would make something like this a little easier to tolerate.

1.3.2 has been submitted and at worse, should be out by the end of next week.



  1. thought you may be interested, check out the review of Distant Suns at

    feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

    what an impressive app!

  2. Are you talking about the pinpoint version or the closer model version or the label? There’s a breakdown in the system’s mathematics while dealing with such a dynamic range of sizes from objects only a few miles across going out to the edge of the solar-system and beyond. I spent probably 3 days trying to find the “best” values for the minimum bleed-through, but still some things refuse to obey.

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