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  1. I have the weather planet app (on a 3rd generation ipod), which I really like. My problem is that it keeps coming up with a white globe fairly often. Basically the planet comes up with a white face which you can kind of see the continents underneath, but not completely. Sometimes I can get the image to come back fully after getting out of the app and back in after a few times, or eventually on another day.

    Please fix that. It’d be great if the app it didn’t do that at all.

    • I think that has to do with the cloudmap just taking to long to download. WP is supposed to swap over to a default image, but seems not to be doing that all of the time. I am looking at it.

  2. I thought I had gone blind or stupid but finally concluded that the night vision feature must have been removed from the later versions of DS Lite. Why, Mike? Why? 🙂

    • For a brief time, recently, I had the ability to set the time & date in the LITE version, as well as several other feature that are listed as only being in the full version. Now, after downloading an “update” today, they are all gone. What happened?

        • distantsuns
        • Posted December 22, 2009 at 3:40 pm
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        Hi Jeff, that was because of a mistake on my part, when for about 2 hours, the full version was available on the feed for the Lite. What you now have is what was meant to be on the Lite refresh. Sorry to “give” and “take” away like that. Note that the other version is on sale through Christmas if you liked it enough during the unintentional trial.


  3. It would be really great if Grand Tour would actually include the actual Voyager grand tour animation of the probe flying past the gas giant planets, and their moons, speeded-up of course.

  4. Grand Tour:

    Will this app show me the current positions of the 4 main moons of Jupiter and the brighter moons of Saturn in real time?



  5. Hi.
    I bought Distant Suns.
    As you I develop astronomical program since 1980 🙂 Planetario for Dos, Windows and Web…
    In the recent past also for Windows Mobile and Palm but not for iPhone.
    In your program I miss three basic things:
    1) the possibility to fix sidereal time (to observe solar eclipses without to chase after the screen);
    2) the calculation precision (from specific coordinates I did not find any total solar eclipse both in the paste and in the future, at the correct time).
    3) Revealing events (monthly Moon phases, elongation of Mercury and Venus and so on).

    Let me if I am wrong…
    Catania Astrophysical Observatory – Italy

    • Hi Piero, thanks for taking the time to write. Solar eclipse prediction is best handled by the many websites that keep track of such things and in greater accuracy then what DS could do. Monthly events are handled with the event-alert system, however I will probably have a lunar phase chart at some point.

  6. I have distant suns lite on ipod touch 2nd generation. It is all wrong because it has my location as somewhere near San Jose, but I am in WV.

    How do I set location??? Help file says get it from IPOD, but IPOD has no clue where I am.

    • Hi Bob, if Distant Suns cannot get a GPS location it will default to San Jose (my home town). On first use it should have asked you if it could use the “location services” to get your lat/long. Then later on if it cannot get a fix, it should use that as the default.

      So check to see if you have “Location Services” turned on in for the iPod, if it is so, check the preferences to see if that is set to use Location Services. If nothing seems to work, you can set your own lat/long via the preferences.


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