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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Read “crash”. I just found out that if you have location services turned off WP rather ungracefully crashes. Folks in the boonies might have a problem with the app in that case, so the next rev will have a manual location option.


Got a nice one at:

36,000 miles above the North Dakota.

36,000 miles above the North Dakota.

I was pleased today when Apple sent me a nice little note announcing that my latest app was approved for sale.

Weather Planet 1.0 gives you a “private” weather satellite as it shows you an alien’s eye view from thousands of miles above our home. Continually ¬†updated¬†clouds reflect current conditions as you can add any city you like from a database of thousands around the world. Scan mode will hop from city to city showing current weather and temperature. Want more? You can bring up detailed weather forecasts courtesy of Weather Underground.

Want to watch the seasons change? Different Earth textures load in each month, letting you see the advance and retreat of the winter’s snow cover.

The background contains all 88 constellations and the moon for a more realistic view.

Hope you enjoy it. And now back to Distant Suns….