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Read “crash”. I just found out that if you have location services turned off WP rather ungracefully crashes. Folks in the boonies might have a problem with the app in that case, so the next rev will have a manual location option.



  1. Hello, I am a user of distant suns AND weather planet. They are both very handy and I appreciate your effort in bringing these apps to the store. I have noticed on weather planet, however, some quirks that I am not sure are actual issues. Firstly, the image seems jerky, as if it cannot zero in on a target. It is not a huge movement, but shortly after targetting a city the image will jump a bit and soon the city is out of the crosshairs. Also, I am not entirely sure if this is “live” imagery, or just latest image updates, but on wifi the app does take about 2 minutes to show the latest imagery. Again, not sure these are actual issues or just server quirks, but I thought to bring them to your attention. Great work and thanks again!

    Rev. Dave Rife, 32*

  2. Yup. Got knocked around by one gent about that. It is on the board for November I hope.

  3. Manual location option is sure needed. My Home is not in San Jose, and location services in my area is useless (iPod Touch – no GPS – nearest WiFi is mine, next one, miles and miles away).

    Already user of Distant Suns and Grand Tour, but GoSkyWatch is not bad, right ?

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