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To celebrate the release of Distant Suns 2 and the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s first lunar observations I am giving away a Celestron Firstscope and Distant Suns promo codes.

On the clear evening of November 30, 1609, Galileo trained his first crude telescope towards the moon. What he saw amazed him and changed mankind’s view of the world, the Universe and his role in it. No longer was the moon a silvery smooth orb, but it was covered with dark dusty planes, craggy mountain ranges and innumerable craters.

What better way to celebrate this event then giving out a Celestron Firstscope telescope. This is very lightweight 3″ Dobsonian reflector telescope, ideal for the family or lazy-astronomers like me who don’t want to haul out a 40 pound instrument just to take a quick look at Jupiter. (I’m schlepping one down to Easter Island and Patagonia next summer).

The scope will come with the optional accessory kit including two additional eyepieces, finder and dust cover. See the scope here.

You’ll also get a promo code package for both Distant Suns 2 and Grand Tour for the iPhone or iPod/touch.

One First Prize: One Firstscope and promo code packet.

Second prizes (3 total): Promo code packet for Distant Suns 2 and Grand Tour

Third Prizes (5 total): Promo codes for Distant Suns 2.

To enter simply follow my twitter feed @distantsuns and retweet the contest announcement. The contest runs through November 30.

And if you can’t wait until November 30 to get all of the luscious new Distant Suns awesomeness, it is currently on sale in the Appstore through Sunday.



    • Charles Chambers
    • Posted November 29, 2009 at 4:21 pm
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    I’ve never own a telescope but have benn intrigued with the planets and other astral objects since I was a child. What a cool astrological invention this would be to own.

  1. thank you for giving me opertunity to help both my son and daughter, shoot for the stars.

    • My pleasure. There is precious little “family ware” out there that works for everyone. And one reason why I wrote Distant Suns is to provide a neat tool for both parents and their kids to ooh and ahhh together.

  2. Cool contest I just found your app about three mo ago it’s pretty cool I was looking for something to teach myself and my daughter about space and all the cool things you can see up there thanks man for this great learning tool I wish I found it years ago thanks again

  3. Absolutely a great astronomy App! I have used DS since it’s first release and V2 is a major improvement on an already first class piece of mobile software. Great for use at the telescope as a quick reference when the laptop is tied up running the scope. Again, great work!

  4. thanks! and what a GREAT idea!

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    […] P.S. the developers behind Distant Suns are also giving away a telescope (their own contest). So don’t forget to take advantage of that as well. Enter for your chance on Distant Suns’ blog. […]

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