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Apple just approved Distant Suns 2.1 for sale. I did get a note from one user who had an installation problem when first launched, but afterwards it worked fine on subsequent launches.

This just in: (imagine teletypes in the background). If you experience an exit on startup, what is happening is this: I only recently learned that the iPhone has a watchdog timer that limits the amount of time it takes for an app to load. If it goes too long (15 or 20 secs) the iPhone will kill it. The timer is disabled via the dev system, so I rarely came across it. On first use, Distant Suns will fetch the sun’s image that is displayed with the sun’s data. That can be just enough to push it over the line. Relaunching it, it knows not to get a new sun image for a while, and it’s happy.

A fix is in the works.


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