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Feel free to suggest improvements and features for future revs. I probably have thought of everything anyone would want, except it is nice to know how to prioritize things.



  1. I think you misunderstand. The panning is not working for me. I can’t drag anything into the crosshair because I can’t pan. I can’t pinch to resize either. The view is stuck facing north with south split to either side. Same restriction in landscape mode. I will uninstall and reinstall and see what happens.

  2. Like the app, downloaded the lite version last nite. There are 2 things I can’t get working. Touch to identify and panning ability. Help please.

    • Hi Bubbleman, you can pan by simply dragging your finger across the screen. Point to identify works by double-tapping on the screen. The should bring up a crosshair, and then you drag the item into that.

      Note that for this version, the additional data is very basic. With the full app you get all sorts of photos of the deep-sky wonders, and much additional info about them and the stars.

  3. Great app! Can you please look at changing What’s Up to face North, not South for us southern hemisphere users. If there’s a way of doing this in options, then I’ve missed it. Keep up the great work. Cheers, Paul

  4. It’s already a great app at a reasonable price. But I’d really like smooth panning/zooming (via GPU hardware acceleration).

    • Just a quick follow up; The app is much smoother now (and has many additional features since I posted before). It’s the best astronomy for the iPhone; keep up the great work!

  5. I think your programme is great. But there are two small alterations I would like
    – the ability to clear/switch on and off planet names while viewing in landscape mode
    – an increase in font size in the ‘Whats up’ facility. The text is too small and being in red is illegible.

    Otherwise top marks for this fascinating programme.


    • Thanks Simon, I’ll see about finding an easier to read color for the What’s Up names for the next rev in a few weeks. I’ll see about the landscape feature, if there is a way to add it without looking like “menu clutter”.

      Please tell your friends about DS and post a review when you have a chance.


  6. The top two features I’d like to see are:

    1. Being to specify the date/time

    2. Moon phase data (waxing/waning, next full moon, current distance from earth, etc.)

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